Q : What is an online course?

A : Taxway Edu online courses are facilitated professional learning experiences delivered over the Internet, which means you can participate in this courses from your office, school, or at home at a time that is most convenient for you.

Q : How these courses help to get a good job?

A : With time world is moving more into online technologies and paperless official work. Not only corporate world but every small organisation and firm are maintaining their books of accounts in software form. Thus, it is quite obvious that they would require professionals and experts who have skilled knowledge in the field of E-Accounting & E-Taxations. Accountants or Chartered Accountants who have knowledge of software that help in E-Accounting and who can compute tax from the medium of E-taxation are in more demand by corporate of twenty first century. Evidently, if you are expert in E-accounting and E-taxation, then job is on your door.

Q : What is the career opportunity of this course?

A : Every company, whether a manufacturing company, IT company, finance company or any other company, these all need to prepare their books of Accounts and Financial instruments. This is also a fact that in the era of twenty first century, entire corporate world, every organization or firm are maintaining their books of Accounts and Financial Instrument in soft copies, through various software and internet sources. Now these organizations would require experts in E-Accounting. Therefore, the Accountants, Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager or Chartered Accountants who are done with E-Taxation course will be more in demand and career opportunities for them will naturally grow in the corporate world.

Q : Will I get practical knowledge?

A : As we are ERI of Income Tax Department so we provides practical knowledge through dummy files.

Q : How can I get Access of All Videos?

A :As soon as you enroll in our course and deposit your fee you will receive immediate access to ALL our video courses. These courses will take you through the model building process in easy to follow, step-by-step format.

Q : How is an online classroom typically structured?

A : As you enrolled for our course we will provide you a log In ID and its password through which you can attend your classes anytime anywhere. You can access only one class per day.

Q : Do I need to attend classes at specific times?

A : No, you can attend your classes as per your convenience.

Q : Are there assignments?

A : Yes, we will provide you assignments for your practice as per your course content.

Q : How will I be graded?

A : After the completion of course you have to give an online exam. On the basis of that you will be graded.

Q : What is the Refund Policy?

A : Taxway Edu does not refund online course registration fees for any reason including non-participation due to conflicts that arise with a registrant's schedule or technical difficulties that are not in the control of Taxway Edu.

Q : Taxway Edu Online Courses Terms of Use

A : You may not sell, distribute, stream over the Web, or otherwise use our online course content or resources. Please direct other interested parties to enroll in the course of their choice.

Q : What are acceptable payment methods?

A : You can pay your fee digitally in our bank account by any mode i.e. through debit/credit card, NEFT etc.

Q : How much time will I spend in my virtual classroom?

A : There will be one class/module in a day for 30 to 40 minutes only. You can take one class in day for each module you have opted for.

Q :What if I can't start the class on the date it's scheduled to begin?

A : One of the great things about taking an online course is that once the course has started, you can sign in to access the content at any time.

Q : When do I have to pay?

A : As you get enrollment for your course you will get the deadlines of fee payment from our team.

Q : How long my registration will be valid?

A : Each module has its own expiry date after that you won't be able to access those classes.